In 2020 we decided to host "Americas Top Bird" Race. It is an optional 416 Mile race from Clarksdale Mo. Star Labs. The makers of Primalac. We shipped 161 birds to this race and had 108 birds return. "America's Top Bird" This year belongs to Ramirez Loft out of Texas. This buoyant little hen was released at 0645 and flew all day to come in all alone at 1722 at 1149YPM to win the title of "America's Top Bird' an awesome trophy and 11,500.  This time of year the days are short and only the best will come in on the day. 

The 325M race will count as the Activation for this race. Entry fee is 200 per bird. Ideally we will ship this race 11-14 days after the 325M final race for the series. This race does not count as Average speed race. The 416M race is clocking order only. We will pay top 10%. 

For this race 15% retained for expenses.